Five Reasons You Need to Get on a Bike

Thinking about getting into riding a motorcycle? You’re not alone. Motorcycles, while always popular, have become increasingly so over the last few years, and there are plenty of good reasons for that.

Not sold on the idea just yet? Check out these reasons to sell the car and hit the road on a hog.

  1. It saves gas money

If you’re selling people on something, always start on how it’ll fatten their wallet. My old man taught me that one, and I think it’s about as true as anything in this world. Well, motorcycles are cheap. They’re cheaper to buy than cars, usually cheaper to repair, and they are far cheaper to get around with. You get incredible gas mileage with a bike, numbers you wouldn’t believe in a car. On average, bikes get about 55 miles per gallon. Yeah, I know. Imagine what you could do with all that extra money.

  1. It gets you out in nature

For you nature lovers out there, there’s nothing like riding the great roads of America going at top speeds and having nothing between you and the great American wilderness. It can be a life-changing experience. Riding a bike also means you can get down roads and trails that cars just don’t have access to. You’ll be able to see so much more.

  1. It shortens your commute

Bikes are fast and they can weave between traffic that is stalled during rush hour. So you can get to the office or job site thirty minutes faster and sleep in while Joe Pickup and Steve Sedan are sitting there watching bumpers and wondering what they’re doing with their lives.

  1. It can be very spiritual

All that nature and speed means bikers get a lot of time to think. It’s no coincidence that the most famous book about bikes is “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” Bikers get a chance to really take in the world, and that can lead to some pretty incredible and spiritual experiences.

  1. It’s still the coolest way to get around

Bikes are cool. They have always been cool. They will always be cool. No matter when or where motorcycles are the essence of bad boy (or bad girl) style. They’re rebellious, they’re sleek, they’re intimidating. Everyone wants a ride, even if most are too scared to jump on.

Just look at that list. It’s hard to imagine why anyone keeps driving cars when there’s so much going for the motorcycle.

Sure, there are the old motorcycle risks, the fears of motorcycle accidents, but what in life is ever worth doing that doesn’t have a little risk involved?

Do yourself a favor and spend a little more time thinking over this list and a little less time worrying about what could happen if all your luck went against you.

So, take a little more time to think about all the positives that come from riding a motorcycle and a little less worrying about the far-off what-if scenarios. Trust me, when you decide to finally start riding, you’ll be glad you did.

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